About Conference 2018

We will keep you updated with all the very latest on Conference so keep checking back here for more information.

We already have some amazing things in place but we are not allowed to say too much just yet.

Rest assured that RTLC National Conference 2018 is not to be missed.

Meet The Team

The Conference Committee Team is made up of Tablers from all over Area 36 and Circlers from around the country.

Each member brings something different to the team - Derek's ability to keep a meeting on track, Chris' complex spreadsheets, Alan's doodles / designs and Richie's ability to make everything start and finish with a pint. 

The one thing that we all have in common is the desire for Conference 2018 to be the best ever and to be accessible to as many Tablers and Circlers possible.

Well done to all the team who have worked so hard to make Chester Conference look like it is going to be an outstanding success.